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Redbox Multimedias are a multi-disciplined creative company that caters for the small medium enterprises (SME's) or small medium business (SMB'S) environments in the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire regions. We can help raise your business profile online by creating a bespoke search engine friendly website or redesign an existing website ensuring that it is web standard compliant and able to be found by the major search engines.

For an existing website Redbox Multimedias can carry out search engine optimisation on your website and recommend what is required to enhance your business profile online. Redbox Multimedias can develop a social media package that can help your business engage with your existing and potential clients, to work alongside search engine optimisation solutions including Twitter backgrounds, Facebook fans pages and blogs which helps to reinforce your business brand or name.

Redbox Multimedias also manufacture interactive educational touch screen games for children aged for 3 years and above, and have supplied their award winning touch screen games unit, Fingabox, to many locations such as NHS hospitals throughout the UK. Stena Line's Curious George interactive touch screen games system used onboard their ferry's was designed, programmed and installed by Redbox Multimedias.