Content Management System


What is a CMS and how does it work ?

A Content Management System or CMS is a website interface that allows a user with little or no knowledge of programming or website design to be able to control the content that is displayed on the internet to anyone may visit your site.

The most well known and frequently used Content Management Systems are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. These systems allow a user to create a website that is totally editable and personalised to the user or company's own branding or colours, making it unique.

What Redbox Multimedias can do for your CMS

At Redbox Multimedias we can make your Content Management System look different from all the standard changes that are offered to you when you personalise your CMS. Redbox Multimedias has the knowledge and abiity to change and edit parts of the CMS that are not offered to the standard user, so your CMS will stand out from all other Content Management Systems.


With all websites that we design, we can create a mobile version of your CMS for smart phones and tablets to replicate all your information on your desktop site, but making it easier to read.

Redbox Multimedias can also incorporate a Wordpress blog into your website so it seamlessly fits in without having to have all the other parts of a complete Content Management System.