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Fingabox is Redbox Multimedias award winning interactive educational touch screen games kiosk. Fingabox touch screen games has been purchased by many venues where children can become bored or in need of distraction in the guise of a fun interactive educational game. Locations such airport depature lounges, hospital accident and emergency departments, doctors surgeries and dental waiting areas have all benefitted by having one or more Fingabox interactive touch screen games kiosks.

Available in different languages including French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Punjabi, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, Fingabox touch screen games does not discriminate and has proved to be attractive to children with special needs; cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism etc can all participate with its simplicity of operation.

Fingabox touch screen games kiosk is 21st century and is all you require to make an instant children's corner without the expensive build costs.

For more information on the technical specifications and the history and development of Fingabox touch screen games kiosk visit the Fingabox website